Diastasis Recti

What is Diastasis Recti, Rectus Diastasis or Abdominal Separation?

Diastasis Recti is incredibly common. It’s the separation of the Rectus Abdominus muscles (6 pack) which are the top layer of your abdominals. This separation happens naturally in pregnancy to allow your baby to grow so don’t worry, this is perfectly natural.

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How to Check for Diastasis Recti, Rectus Diastasis or Abdominal Separation

If you’re not sure whether you have a gap in your tummy, then you’re about to find out. Sarah and I put this short video together for you, showing how to check yourself to see what’s going on.

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How does Diastasis Recti, Recti Diastasis or Abdominal Separation Affect Everything?

There are varying degrees of diastasis and in more extreme cases potential problems can arise much quicker so we’re going to talk about all of it.

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What should I avoid when I have Diastasis Recti, Recti Diastasis or Abdominal Separation?

What you can and can’t do when you have diastasis recti…

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Diastasis Recti - Case Study


This is Rebecca’s story.

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Diastasis Recti rehab - LIVE!

This is where we answer your questions

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