Complete Core Control are proud to be working with the Island School of Yoga

We are delighted to be part of the Island School of Yoga’s Radiance Course to support women through menopause and beyond.

The Island School of Yoga is a yoga school by the sea offering programmes for healing, growth and freedom, including the Radiance Course, scheduled to start this September 2021. We are proud to be part of this programme focussing on midlife, peri-menopause and menopause

Too many of us find ourselves unsupported during this time of life. There can be a palpable sense of isolation, of being misunderstood, of raging into the darkness. 

Who are we when the kids move out, if our work ceases to fulfil us, when we feel exhausted, unseen and unheard, when our sensual sparkle seems forgotten and we begin to fixate on the inevitability of ageing?

But what if the physical and emotional changes we experience mid-life are an exciting transition, revealing a potent innate wisdom, of alchemising our power? Our work together on Radiance is to navigate forward with hope, optimism and life-affirming habits. We want to give your soul freedom to soar. 

The School is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and believes in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and one free of judgement. Teaching holistic and evidence-based practices for personal growth and professional development allows the school to guide and help their clients to live their best lives.

To discover more about this unique school – and the Radiance Course –  you can visit their website:

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About the Author

Lizzie Duggan

Motivational women’s health and wellness coach, online and offline events and courses, Diastasis recti healing, Core and Pelvic floor strengthening, Soft tissue therapy.

We are two busy Mums who have worked in fitness for over 20 years. We started our Fit Mummy classes almost 10 years ago to help women stay strong and healthy during pregnancy, followed by our popular Mummy Rebuild core rehab courses for once the baby arrived. 

We soon realised that more women needed our help and not just postnatally.  There is a real lack of core rehab options available to help women with prolapse diagnosis, pelvic floor weakness, post abdominal surgery - like hysterectomy - and especially the transition through menopause when symptoms that have not been that bad start to get worse.

Our main focus for core and pelvic floor rehab is to use hypopressives, then to add Pilates and stretches to get the core to function properly again.  

We will support you, motivate you and we have lots of ways to help you keep on track with your rehab but at the end of the day you will need to make a commitment to yourself and your pelvic health to spend some time fixing it.  

However, this doesn't have to take more than 10 minutes a day. Above all, consistency is key to improving these issues.  If you are ready to make that next step and Revive your core and pelvic floor then let's do this.  We have different training options to offer. We understand life is busy and not one option suits. 

 So, if you are ready to get started,  just let us know and we will send you over more information. 

 Exciting times 

Lizzie & Sarah


Lizzie Duggan and Sarah St John

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