Fitter Floor and Core

Online course, downloadable PDF and video access

Stop embarrassing leaks and ditch the pads for good! Get back to exercising with confidence, recover correctly from abdominal, hysterectomy or mesh removal surgery quicker. Reduce the symptoms of prolapses.

YOU CAN do all of this with our signature course.


About Fitter Floor and Core

Have you been feeling a bit broken since having kids? Or has the menopause left you feeling out of sorts and not sure what’s right and what’s wrong for your body? Have you been diagnosed with a prolapse and aren’t sure of how to improve your symptoms? Or maybe your pelvic floor is stopping you from staying healthy and active as you are worried about leaking?

We have helped hundreds of women like you get back on track. Our programmes are tailormade to target these specific issues that so many women suffer in silence with.

We truly believe that our Fitter Floor and Core programme is the solution for women post abdominal surgery, post Hysterectomy, mesh removal recovery, prolapse, abdominal separation and stress incontinence (leaking). In addition to all of this, our unique approach enables women to take the first steps to achieving a healthier, stronger and more positive lifestyle.

Discover our Six Module body rebuilding formula and start making changes to YOUR life NOW!

You will be taken step by step through this training with video tuition alongside printable course material to practice and learn even when you are not at your screen. Learn specific techniques that reduce the pressure in the body, improve alignment through the musculoskeletal system and introduces you to a brand-new way to building strength from the inside out unlike any other fitness programme currently out there.

Fitter Floor and Core is tailored specifically for you, by us based on years of experience to really provide you with the most up to date information and strategies to help you safely get back to your health and fitness goals.

Special Bonus!

The course includes access to TWO of our CORE CONTROL CLASSES using our unique global core rehab technique.


Why not sign up for our starter package and receive this course for £70?

Not sure where to start? Then our Starter Package is perfect for you!

So what do you get? Over £200.00 worth of value for £160.00.

  • Initial 1 hour consultation to assess you, discuss goals and get you started with Hypopressives. Check for diastasis recti, postural and abdominal pressure assessments. Worth £50.00.
  • Access to Fitter Floor and Core. Our flagship online course, video library and downloadable sourcebook (£97.00),
  • Access to Mummy Rebuild. Our dedicated post-natal rehab course, based on our signature Fitter Floor and Core Course, video library and downloadable coursebook (£97.00).
  • 30 minute follow up consultation at the end of your first month worth £40.00.

By working through the course content, you will start to feel stronger and ready to progress further. Our aim is to get you back to functional fitness.  Once you are ready, you will unlock access to one month’s FREE CCC Membership worth £25.00 which includes:

  • ALL of our live classes with the Live Class Subscription. 13 Live classes a week including core rehab, Hypopressives, Pilates, yoga, body conditioning, strength training. 
  • Access to the Empower Me video workout library with new videos being added all the time. Body Conditioning, Weights, Booty Bands, Dance, Combat, low impact HIIT, Tabata and much more. 
  • Access to the Core Control Library. The Core Control Library is full of Hypopressive flow videos. Again, new videos are being added all the time. Hypopressives, Pilates & Yoga.
  • You can speak to us or others in the group to help support with motivation, accountability and answer any questions, it is a lovely friendly group with lots sharing their ups and downs and success stories

The Fitter Floor and Core Programme

In this accelerated training you will discover how to:

  • Get back to your body with confidence and without causing unnecessary damage.
  • Feel stronger and more confident as you don’t feel your body is letting you down.
  • Improve relationships with partners and friends as you feel happier and more positive in life in general as you start to build strength and feel more like you!
  • Get back to doing what you love, running, playing on the trampoline with kids, dancing or just loving life.
  • Be a stronger and happier version of you!

Online Course

We’ll share our method through a structured, step by step online course.

Track your progress through our instruction and jump back in to revisit any section as and when you need to.

Accompanying PDF Course Materials

80 pages of workouts and instructions with step-by-step photos.

Dedicated Video Content

Extensive video instruction and exercise library to coach you.

What you NEED!

Let us educate you and explain the importance of making daily changes and adjustments so you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Be Strong!

By using our formula, we are working on the areas that no bog-standard exercises in the gym or classes do and targets those areas us mums worry about.

And much, much more...


Take back control!

This is unlike any training programme currently out there, this has been created for mums, by mums who know exactly how to rebuild the body after having a baby, all you have to do is do it! We can’t do that bit for you.

You are not alone!

We work with women all over the world including the UK, France, Germany, Croatia, Dubai, Bahrain and USA.
If you are struggling to decide what is best for you then get in touch and we can advise you. We are here to help.

If you would like to work on a one-to-one basis with Lizzie and Sarah, this is an option we offer. For an initial, friendly and confidential discussion beforehand, just get in touch!

We can provide this one-to-one service over the phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or one-to-one and in-person when social distancing rules allow us to safely.

Call us on 07881 526 694 or email


Do you want to know more about what we can do for you?

Then you should download our latest ebook NOW!

What people are saying


"I learned so much while maintaining my fitness and had all those questions which I thought were stupid (but really weren't) answered!"


"Helped my overall fitness and worked the muscles I needed to support the weight of my pregnant bump, as well as for delivery."


"Kept me feeling like myself! I loved being able to exercise, knowing that Lizzie and Sarah knew their stuff and would keep me and my baby safe. I also give this class at least some credit for my having two relatively easy births, as I felt that I was strong and healthy even at the end of my pregnancy. Thank you, Lizzie and Sarah!"


“After my second child I was looking to focus on re-building my pelvic floor to regain the strength and control that I had pre-baby. Thankfully after a lot of searching I found Lizzie and Sarah. From the first consultancy to the following course it was clear that these ladies knew what they were doing and were very passionate about improving the lives of their clients. I now have the tools to practice and rebuild myself. I look forward to jumping on a trampoline with confidence. Thank you both”.


“I was concerned about my pelvic floor and core after having my second child. The Mummy Rebuild course has shown me how to do simple breathing and exercises to help improve this. After a short time I already feel stronger and my pelvic floor is improved. I no longer have to panic if I need to sneeze! Lizzie and Sarah are excellent coaches and the videos and resources provided has been great for me to follow at home.”


"Really interesting to learn what happens to the body after babies and why you feel so weak. Such a supportive and informative course.

I think for someone who isn’t into exercise this course challenges and helps. You can do it at your own pace to your own standard.

Lizzie is so supportive. I have had real issues throughout with the techniques but she has taken extra time out to support me. It also takes me a while to grasp exercise instructions and Lizzie is non-judgemental and patient. She has helped my confidence and that I CAN do it, I feel I have the tools to continue."


"Really useful and very motivating and empowering, feeling myself heal.

I feel stronger, I have less back pain and reflux. I feel my core re-engaging. This has a massive positive influence on my physical health but also my mental health, I thought I was a lost cause! I love belly dancing and to get core strength back is so important to me."


"I am so glad that I have signed up to the Core Control online library.  At first, I was reluctant to sign up as I always do my hypopressives at home anyway, but it’s so much more beneficial to do them with the videos.  Sarah and Lizzie are so inspiring and offer a wide variety of hypopressive videos suitable for whatever mood you’re in.  Having them right there to give you little reminders is invaluable.  It’s the best purchase I’ve made in ages!"


"Hi I’m Natalie (on the right!) and I’ve been attending Sarah and Lizzie’s complete core control classes for over a year now. I have two children of 18 and 16 both born via Caesarean section. I suffer from urgency and frequency not because of childbirth but due to the fact I have MS.

Since working with Sarah and Lizzie I have stopped taking medication to help my bladder issues and I am slowly gaining some strength back in my pelvic floor. I’ve even run two half marathon without any accidents!

There are many reasons why we women having issues with our bladders! But it doesn’t matter why you attend but what does matter is that you are made to feel welcome and classes are fun (yes, ‘fun’. Who would have thought pelvic strengthening exercises could be fun!). The classes remind you of all the things you are initially taught and get you back on track with your exercises!

As women, we put so much time and effort into everyone else, but this is about me - my confidence, my body and my future! And after a class you will have the best night's sleep in ages!


"My name is Diane and I am 58 years old. I had my first assessment with Sarah in May this year. My main complaint was a back problem and I was trying all sorts of different things to improve the situation- osteopath, changing mattress, stretching, pilates classes but the improvement was minimal. I also struggle with some bladder control (not all related to pelvic floor)

Since May and using the hypopressive breathing technique I cannot believe the difference and as a result quality of life. (even my osteopath is very impressed) So now I aim to do 20 breaths a day but the additional support with classes and tutorials on the internet this reinforces technique, and on not so good days knowing you can get this access videos and redefine technique is great, and that you are not on your own.  My back is so much stronger and I know that my pelvic floor is tightened and engaged reducing the problem, but not totally eliminating, with control of the bladder.

Thank you to Sarah and Lizzie who are always there, smiling and enthusiastic. Life has improved significantly for me in just 4 months!"


I attended a new mum assessment as I was experiencing lower back pain. Sarah was fantastic in recognising the cause of my pain and teaching me exercises to improve my core strength. The follow-up appointment was really beneficial as I was able to build upon the initial exercises and feel more confident when returning to exercise. Thank you very much Sarah! Xx

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